About Hope Mikaelson

Hope Mikaelson - Legacies Season 1 Promo Photoshoot

Hope Andrea Mikaelson is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. Klaus was an original vampire and had the werewolf curse, making him the first hybrid. Her mother Hayley was a werewolf and belonged to the Crescent Wolf Clan, a pack of werewolves whose shifts are not tied to the full moon. Additionally, Hope’s grandmother was a powerful witch. As a result of her ancestry, Hope is the first and so far only tribrid. She has activated her werewolf curse but not her vampirism.

She was named Hope because the Mikaelsons believed she was their family’s hope. Andrea, her middle name, was Hayley’s birth-name before being thrown into the foster system.

Though Hope was born in New Orleans, she currently lives at the Salvatore Boarding School in Mystic Falls. She loves to paint, a hobby she picked up from her father, and is very talented at it.

Hope is bisexual, meaning she is attracted to more than one gender.

“The Originals”

When Hayley was pregnant with Hope, it was prophesied that the tribrid would be the end of all witches. Thus, the witches try to kill her several times before she’s even born. Hope is born during the show’s season 1 finale, titled “From a Cradle to a Grave”, in St. Anne’s Church. She is then immediately kidnapped by the witches, who plan on sacrificing her as an offering to their ancestors. Fortunately, her family is able to save her in time.

In order to protect Hope, the Mikaelsons pretend she died and send her away from New Orleans with her aunt Rebekah. However, Esther finds them and they are forced to return.

Baby Hope Mikaelson in Camille's car (''The Originals'' season 2, episode 13)

During her early life, Hope’s existence is continually threatened. In season 2, her family is fighting to keep her alive and away from her great-aunt Dahlia—a witch who placed the “first-born curse” upon the Mikaelson family after striking a deal with her sister Esther. Essentially, the curse specifies every first-born Mikaelson belongs to Dahlia. The curse triggered when Hope was born, causing Dahlia to return. After successfully defeating Dahlia, Hope is able to stay with her parents.

Hope Mikaelson becomes possessed by the Hollow—a dark witch’s spirit—in season 4 of “The Originals”, leading her family to act as vessels to separate the spirit from Hope’s body. After taking the spirit, the Mikaelson siblings are forced to split up and are told not to be near Hope for the rest of their life. Before parting ways, Hope’s aunt Rebekah leaves the Mikaelson family crest necklace for her.

Hope Mikaelson being possessed by the Hollow (''The Originals'' season 4, episode 13)

At the age of 7, Hope begins her life at the Salvatore Boarding School under the name Hope Marshall.

In season 5, a 15-year-old Hope sells some of her blood to her classmate Henry Benoit, who uses it to become a hybrid. After her involvement in Henry’s situation is found out, she gets suspended from the Salvatore School.

Not having been able to see her dad for years because of the Hollow, Hope decides to stage Hayley’s kidnapping to lure him back to New Orleans. Unfortunately, her plan is found out by vampire purists and used to kidnap Hayley for real. This tragic series of events culminates in Hayley’s death, causing Hope to blame herself for what happened to her mom.

After Hayley’s death, Hope channels the Hollow’s spirit back into her body to prevent the death of all first-borns. The Hollow’s dark magic gradually starts corrupting her from within, and they discover violence helps keep it at bay. With this in mind, they trick the vampire purists who murdered Hayley to meet at St. Anne’s Church, where Hope kills them all using the Hollow’s magic. However, a human priest named Bill gets caught in the crossfire, activating Hope’s werewolf curse.

Hope Mikaelson triggers her werewolf curse (''The Originals'' season 5, episode 10)

With her werewolf curse now triggered, Hope is told she might not survive her first transformation due to the Hollow. To prevent this, Klaus asks Josie and Lizzie to siphon the Hollow out of Hope and transfer it onto him. This saves Hope but seals Klaus’ fate, as he would then sacrifice himself to get rid of the Hollow once and for all.


I come from a long line of the villains in the tales you’ve heard about vampires, werewolves, witches, and everything in-between.

Hope is now known to be a Mikaelson at school and is training under Alaric. Despite having spent ten years at the Salvatore Boarding School, Hope is still a lone wolf.

When Landon, a boy from her past, shows up at the school, Hope lets her guard down for the first time in a while. However, she ends up regretting it and blaming herself when Landon runs off with the school’s magical knife.

In their search for the knife, Hope and Josie perform black magic together—magic that happens to be banned in the school’s premises. However, when Emma traces it back to Hope, the tribrid takes the blame and does not get Josie in trouble.

When the school’s monster problems begin due to Landon taking the knife, Alaric relies heavily on Hope to defeat them. It’s during this time that Hope learns to trust Josie, Landon, and eventually forms her own Super Squad. As the season progresses, Hope creates new friendships and expands her circle of trust.

In episode 7, titled “Death Keeps Knocking on My Door”, they have to deal with the Necromancer. Given how many deaths Hope has had to witness in her young life, she is particularly drawn to him. Since Klaus sacrificed himself to save her, Hope wants to know if he has found peace. The Necromancer tells her that Klaus died with love in his heart and does not regret his choice, but he won’t find peace until Hope does. Though Hope hopes that this was the Necromancer’s way of toying with her feelings, it still drives her to do better in case his words are true.

Hope Mikaelson hears about her father from the Necromancer in ''Death Keeps Knocking On My Door'' (''Legacies'' season 1, episode 7)

At the end of the season, Hope jumps into the Malivore pit to take advantage of a possible loophole. She’s always thought she was a cosmic mistake, but being able to stop Malivore—protecting her loved ones in the process—finally gives her existence a purpose.

Later on, we find out Hope’s plan didn’t work because she is not a fully activated tribrid. However, she is toxic to Malivore and thus finds herself thrown out of the darkness.

Season 2 of “Legacies” focuses heavily on Hope’s comeback from Malivore and the life Mystic Falls experienced without her. During Hope’s time away, the audience sees a connection form between Josie and Landon. When Hope escapes Malivore, she sees them kissing, which leads her to think everyone is happier without her.

Hope then begins her time at Mystic Falls High as a result of no one remembering her. She continues to help Alaric in monster missions and eventually encounters Landon and Josie again, but she does not make any efforts to bring back their memories. Afraid that she will hurt them if she tells them the truth, she chooses to suffer from a distance.

Hope Mikaelson as part of the Mystic Falls High School Timberwolves football team in ''You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know'' (''Legacies'' season 2, episode 3)

During a monster crusade against a Japanese Oni, Lizzie gets possessed and Josie siphons the magic out of an ancient samurai sword to get the demon out of her sister. The spell has side effects, bringing Lizzie’s memories of Hope back.

With her only ally being Lizzie, Hope develops a friendship with her. The Saltzman twin works hard trying to convince Hope that everyone needs to know she is back, especially Josie and Landon. She rightfully calls Hope out for having a martyr complex.

After Josie brings everyone’s memories of Hope back, the tribrid still has a hard time adjusting. However, with the help of her friends, she slowly settles back into her old life.

Season 2 overall displayed a Hope that was willing protect her friends, even without them knowing who she was. And, at the end of the season, Hope proves once again she would do anything for those she loves: after Josie’s mind is taken over by dark magic, Hope dives into her subconscious to bring her back despite the danger. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the season ends with Hope being stuck in a magical coma.

Hope Mikaelson as Red Riding Hood in Josie Saltzman's subconscious in ''Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing'' (''Legacies'' season 2, episode 16)